Italy is a foodies’ paradise, its dishes are deeply connected with tradition. Find out the unique recipes of our region Emilia Romagna, prepare and cook the local dishes under the expertise of a guardian of tradition.

With us you will visit dairy plants, balsamic vinegar factories, meat farms and unveil the production of the best PGI products such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Parma Ham, Culatello Ham and Mortadella. Not to mention the abundant tasting of every single tidbit!

Italy is also one of the major wine producing countries, as concerns quality and variety: tour the wine cellars and taste the product of the local vineyards.

Italian gelato has nothing to do with the ice-cream you are used to. Find out the secrets of the artisan product and enter the first and only Gelato University.

Bread and pizza can’t be lacking on an Italian table. We will go to the mill to take the raw materials, plunge our hands in flour and knead bread dough, pizza, crescenta and tigelle. The cooking lesson will end up around a table tasting the result of our work.

Truffle: in the past, scientists considered it quintessence and bliss. Expert truffle hunters will lead you in the woods for a truffle hunt, guided by their dogs.